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There are a multitude of options for fly outs most of which we have been on at least once ourselves. Most revolve around one of three primary activities: fishing, bearviewing or sightseeing. Several of these options combine all three in one spectacular, action-packed flyout. Most involve flights in vintage De-Havilland Beaver or Otter float planes which land and take off out of lakes and rivers. For many, this is the epitome of the Alaskan experience!

Other options involve wheeled aircraft taking off of airports and landing on the beaches and other naturally occurring runways. Most of our fly outs take off out of either Soldotna or Nikiski but there are other options for fly outs available out of Homer.

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Alaska Fly-Out Fishing and Bear Viewing Tours

Alaska Bears are incredibly common in the areas we frequent. From our local salmon fishing streams to the shores of many lakes, we deliver you to some outstanding locations to observe these mighty bruins. Photographers and spectators alike return year after year to gaze at these giants of the wilderness.

Most options involve a flight across the Cook Inlet and a view of the majestic Alaska Range including active volcanoes Mt. Redoubt, Mt. Spur and Mt. Iliamna. Viewing bears with a professional guide, from the safety of the comfortable boats or otherwise kept safe by knowledgeable/experienced guides, allows for close up and personal bear viewing. Enjoy a fresh grilled salmon snack especially for you and then a grand scenic flight over a glacier on your return flight. These world renowned locations provide the most affordable Alaska bear viewing trips. Destinations include Wolverine Creek and Crescent Lake.

Wolverine Creek

A unique fishing and bear viewing trip. The trip starts with a 30 minute flight across Cook Inlet to the entrance of Lake Clark National Park and involves fishing at the world renowned Wolverine Creek.  The fishing area is located where a small stream flows into a large lake (Big River Lakes).  The water is usually very clear and the fish can be seen in large schools close to shore.  Ordinarily, you will experience an action filled day of sockeye salmon or silver salmon fishing and up close bear viewing.

Crescent Lake

Fly 45 minutes southwest of Soldotna to Crescent Lake. This hidden jewel lies at the base of Mount Redoubt in Lake Clark National Park. This active volcano towers over 10,000 feet making this trips scenery one of the most spectacular. The pilot drops you off with a professional guide where you will enjoy fishing for hard fighting sockeye salmon or silver salmon. Early in the season (June), there is wonderful dolly varden and lake trout fishing. Brown bear often patrol the lake shore and offer fantastic photo opportunities. The scenery on this trip is AWE inspiring!!!

Alaska Fly-out Fishing Tours

In addition to fly-outs for bearviewing, there are many other options that involve only fishing.

Kustatan River for Silver Salmon

This fly-out is an easy 30 minutes across Cook Inlet towards Mt Redoubt. You land in a small slough off of the Kustatan river and take a power boat from there. Fishing is from shore and is often a big hit!!! These silvers are RIGHT out of the ocean and angry!!!

Bachatna River for Silver Salmon

This fly-out is an easy 20 minutes across Cook Inlet towards Mt Redoubt. You land in an extremely small beaver pond which is directly adjacent to the Bachatna River. This is one of the most exhilarating take offs and landing there is!! This is clear water, small stream fishing at its best!

Chuitna River for King Salmon, Rainbow Trout or Silver Salmon

This is a unique, truly Alaskan experience! Fly about 30 minutes into the remote, native village of Tyonek. You will land in the village Lake and be greeted by local natives. You will be driven over land to the Chuitna River. This is a relatively small, clearwater stream which is only accessible on foot and is therefore very quiet and serene. The wonderfully clear water provides for excellent site casting (flyfishing or spin casting) for whatever species is available at the time. Access to this River is limited by the local native Corporation. Therefore, this River sees very little fishing pressure.

Crescent Lake for Grayling and Rainbow Trout

This is about a 20 minute flight towards Cooper Landing and the gorgeous Kenai Mountains. You will land on some of the clearest water you will ever see, the truly gin clear water of Crescent Lake. But here the fishing is not for salmon but instead for iridescent blue Arctic Grayling. This is an absolutely spectacular lake and it has the fish to go with it. These are absolutely, strikingly (pun intended) beautiful, trophy size Arctic Grayling. There is not a lot to take home from this trip because we preferred to catch release the Grayling Lodge for the quality of the setting and of the fishing, this is a trip that you will not forget!

Nushagak River for King Salmon

This is a much longer flight (2-3 hours) over some of the least inhabited wilderness on the entire planet. You fly up and over the Alaska Range through one of various spectacular mountain passes. The wildlife viewing while in the air is typically awesome as is the scenery as well. And on top of that, you get to fish on the world renowned Nushagak River which has one of the world’s largest run of King salmon. These 20-40 pound kings put up a heck of a fight and taste great on top of that!

Alexander Lake/Susitna Drainage for Pike

For an exhilarating, tackle busting strike and a prehistorically ugly face, almost nothing beats a pike! We fly anywhere from an hour to two hours depending upon the destination. Alaska is home to a large native population of Pike and depending upon the location world-class Pike can abound. For those that have done at all this is definitely a different twist.

Other options for fishing oriented fly outs:

Bristol Bay for King salmon or world-class trophy rainbow trout

Kenai Fjords for silver salmon (this is also an amazing trip!)

Alaska Fishing Lodge On The Kenai River

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