Fishing in Soldotna, Alaska


Let our licensed, professional guides take you on a fishing experience that you won’t have to lie about how big your catch is. Fish for King Salmon, Red Salmon, Silver Salmon, Pink Salmon, Halibut and Trophy Rainbow Trout.

For fishing on the Kenai, guides meet you at our private dock.

We also offer: salmon drift boat fishing on the Kasilof, trophy rainbow trout fishing on the Kenai, fly-out fishing, and saltwater combo trips for halibut and king salmon.  Just ask us!


HALIBUT and Other Ocean Fishing in Alaska
Homer & Seward.

So, you have heard about Halibut fishing in Alaska have you! It doesn’t get any better. We will provide you with the best halibut fishing you will ever have. Our captains are experienced at fishing for halibut in both Homer & Seward on the Kenai Peninsula. Fish of over 100 pounds are sometimes caught but it is best to release those fish. The best halibut to eat are much smaller than that.  The average halibut is closer to 20 to 50 pounds. Our lingcod season opens July 1 and this fish are a blast to reel in and excellent to eat.  We also target RockFish, Yellow Eye & Salmon. In addition to the awesome fishing, the scenery in Homer and Seward is incredible! What a spectacular backdrop to enjoy while fishing.


King Salmon Fishing

King salmon fishing on the Kenai River and Kasilof River where the Kings don’t get any bigger and the fishing doesn’t get any better! There are several techniques used to catch king salmon. The best technique not only depends upon the guide, it also depends upon water conditions, tidal conditions, location on the River, time of day, etc.

Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon Fishing

Silver salmon fishing on the Kenai River and the Kasilof is excellent! There are several techniques used to catch silver salmon and most guides specialize in one method but will often use more than one technique if necessary. The four most popular techniques are: back-bouncing (basically, bottom fishing) hooks baited with salmon eggs, back-trolling banana shaped plugs (Qwikfish) baited with herring or without, back-trolling Spin-n-Glo lures (basically, a propeller which spins in the current connected to a hook) baited with salmon eggs, and spin casting large spinners such as Vibrax. The technique not only depends upon the guide, it also depends upon: water conditions, tidal conditions, location on the River, time of day, etc.

Red Salmon

Red Salmon (Sockeye) Fishing

Red or Sockeye Salmon are amazingly acrobatic and are an absolute blast to catch. You need not be an experienced fly fishermen to catch red salmon flyrods. Our guides are accustomed to working with beginners to professionals.

We fish for Sockeye Salmon on the Kenai River & Kasilof River.  In your free time, you can also try fishing for Sockeye Salmon from our private dock at the Lodge and all gear required is provided. The best way to catch Sockeye Salmon is using flies. The kind of fly is not critical, the only important thing is that the fly flow with the current near the bottom. Sockeye salmon do not strike a fly…it is up to the angler to get the fly into the mouth of the fish swimming upstream.  Our guides will teach you the technique so you will be successful.

Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon Fishing

Every even year, the Kenai River and the Kasilof River have a run of pink Salmon. These aggressive fish, also known as “humpies” because of the large hump males develop along their backs, number in the millions on the Kenai River. There are days where the Kenai River literally “boils” with pink Salmon. You can see hundreds of them jumping out of the water at the same time. Humpies do not discriminate. Even the most jaded angler will have absolutely no problem catching these fish.

Rainbow Trout - Fly Fishing

Rainbow Trout Fishing – Fly Fishing Trips

The Kenai River provides some of the most exciting rainbow trout fly-fishing in Alaska. Throughout the year, Alaska’s Kenai River fly fishing produces trophy rainbow trout and Dolly Varden for anglers of any skill level. Fly-fishing on Alaska’s Kenai River has yielded Rainbow trout of up to 15. More typical is in the 2 lb. to 6 lb. variety; however, rainbow trout of up to 10 pounds are not uncommon. In Alaska, many locals love fly fishing for rainbow trout

For those of you whom are not avid fly fishing people, DON’T FEAR. You need not be a fly fisher to catch these beauties. They will also take flies presented using spinning tackle. The fishing is equally as good using fly fishing gear or spinning tackle. The most popular flies are wet flies: either “flesh” or “egg” patterns or a combination of both. Something in the range of a 6 wt. rod is what most people use.

Once again, in addition to the spectacular trout fishing, you will also get to enjoy some of Alaska’s pristine wilderness. The upper Kenai is part of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. Therefore, wildlife viewing opportunities and beautiful wilderness abound.



The Kenai Peninsula offers some excellent opportunities for native steelhead fishing. There are absolutely no stocked steelhead in this part of Alaska. These lunkers are all natural!

The Kasilof River has the potential for steelhead in both spring and fall. Since the Kasilof is primarily glacial fed and therefore very silty, this is primarily a bait or lure fishery.

Further south on the Kenai Peninsula, there are three rivers which offer a variety of habitats for steelhead fishing. These rivers are: Deep Creek, Ninilchik, and Anchor. All three of these rivers are not navigable by boat; therefore, this is strictly wading fishing. Also, all three of these rivers are strictly fly-fishing only during steelhead season. Despite this, it is not unusual for anglers to catch several steelhead or more in a day when fishing is good. Steelhead fishing in these three rivers is all catch and release!

We offer guided drift boat steelhead fishing charters on the Kasilof River.

Flyout Fishing

For descriptions of various fly-out options and additional pictures:


  • May 1 – Sept 30:   Halibut
  • Year Round:   Saltwater Kings
  • May 1 – July 31:   Kenai Kings
  • June 10 – August 15:   Sockeye Salmon
  • August 1 – October 31:   Silver Salmon
  • August on even years:   Pink Salmon
  • June 12 – Oct 31:   Rainbow Trout
  • Sept – Oct:   Steelhead Trout