The Kenai Peninsula has always been a mecca for bird and wildlife viewing. Home of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, The Kenai Fjord’s National Park, Chugach National Forest, and various other state and national wilderness treasures, the Kenai Peninsula is a pristine environment for wildlife.

The Kenai Peninsula is also the most accessible wilderness in all of Alaska. Road access is easy from Anchorage and the Peninsula is accessible from one end to the other by car. In addition, hiking trails and other wildlife viewing access points are abundant.


With the introduction of the Kenai Peninsula Wildlife Viewing Trail, access to all of this abundant wildlife just got easier! The Kenai Peninsula Wildlife Viewing Trail is a collection of 65 bird and wildlife viewing sites throughout the peninsula. The sites encompass all of Kenai’s major wildlife habitats, and range from roadside platforms to backcountry trails. The sites covered by the trail are broken into four regions of the Kenai Peninsula and can yield sightings of whales, eagles, puffins, sea otters, bears, moose, caribou, warblers, mergansers, loons, swans, terns, Ptarmigan – just to name a few. Also, many of the shorebirds and passerines that can be seen along the way are unique birds species sought after by birders throughout the world. There is a wonderful guidebook available entitled Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula Wildlife Viewing Trail Guide (ISBN number 1-933375-05-1).


Specifically, we have created two packages that will exceed birders’ (and wildlife viewers) expectations. These packages offer a nice mix of habitats. They also cover a broad range of the Kenai Peninsula. We also offer another package that provides a nice mix between birding and wildlife viewing as well as fishing. Any of these packages are customizable. These packages and prices are listed below: