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Soldotna B&B in Soldotna, Alaska, offers more than just fishing, and you can also go mushroom and berry picking. You’ll find a variety of wild berries and mushrooms throughout the late summer season and well into the fall! You’ll enjoy searching the forests of Soldotna Alaska.


Soldotna Alaska is a terrific place to search and gather wild berries! Blueberries, raspberries, currants, salmonberries, and huckleberries, are great for eating right off the bush or making preserves! After harvesting your share of berries, you can eat them on your way back to Soldotna B&B, or save them for baking or preserves. If you are planning on freezing them, we’ll share our secret: Single layer the berries on a cookie sheet and freeze them. Then place them in a container and back into the freezer, this will make them easier to remove from the container. Please note that berries are an essential food source for a variety of animals in our area. There’s a chance you’ll encounter these animals while you’re berry picking, so please stay alert to your surroundings! If you see animals, we ask you to be respectful, while staying safe. If possible, we urge you to leave quietly and find a different berry patch. If needed, we do understand you may have to defend yourself with pepper spray or a shotgun.


In Soldotna Alaska, the thrill of big game hunting runs deep in any Alaskan blood! However, today we’re focusing on a different prey: mushrooms! Near Soldotna B&B, you’ll find boletes, morels and gilled mushrooms, and many more. Mushroom hunting can be a dangerous business; some mushrooms are lethal to humans! One of the challenges with identifying mushrooms is that their appearance changes dramatically as they age. When it first comes out of the ground, a baby mushroom looks like one you may buy at the store! At this stage, it’s easy to confuse an edible species with a poisonous one. The number of mushroom species doesn’t help you identify them either. There are thousands of mushroom species in Alaska alone. Unfortunately, many are inedible, but we do have some mushroom hunters and the season is approaching! So, whether you find mushrooms or it’s just a reason to spend more time outside, join us in Soldotna Alaska!

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